Sunday, May 5, 2013

Making of a Toons On Tap Poster - Session 29: Wizard of Oz

Daytona Bitch returns.  Oh, yes!

Photo courtesy of my favourite photographer, Jeffrey Adam Danyleyko.

For our upcoming Wizard of Oz session, not only will Daytona strut her heels across our stage again, she will be joined by another drag superstar- the sassy chanteuse Miss Conception!  I'm about to shit kittens in happiness.

The last poster I made of Daytona Bitch I thought did not resemble her strongly enough.  This time, I studied the individual styles of both queens to avoid drawing them as twins.  For example, Daytona draws on her eyebrows higher than her natural brow much like a cartoon villain.  In contrast, Miss Conception looks exactly like Adele, down to the ponytails and sensible shoes.
Daytona studies
For photo reference, I had Jeremy take dozens of photos where I worked out the poster poses myself.  

Channelling my inner drag queen
Unexpectedly, my hard drive crashed after I began the poster in Photoshop, and the file could not be recovered.  Fortunately, because I had gotten used to blogging about my process, I had a low-resolution image saved of my work at that point.  I was grateful for everything I had backed up, and embarrassed about everything I hadn't.

The biggest difficulty I had (other than the hard drive crash), was rendering Miss Conception.  At first she looked out of place and had the colour scheme of an insurance office.

Looking back at the ugly draft, I had planned on her to be monochromatic.  Redoing most of her lines, turning her yellow, and slapping on a gingham print, I got her to fit in better with the green and black witches.

Almost there
After some fiddling with gradient adjustment layers, I was happy with the poster. 

The gradient
The final result
It was pointed out to me that the font I used is from the Nightmare On Elm Street posters.   Oops.  I would mistake a famous, horror typeface for something whimsical.  

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